We´re located in East Germany, near Berlin.

I´m involved in dog breeding since 1983 and started with Great Danes and Dogue de Bordeaux, but my love always belonged to English Bulldogs.

In 1985 I did my examination as Judge and Breeding Inspector for 7 different kinds of breds.
In 1998 my husband bought me my first Bulldog female as a birthday present. I saw her and I loved her. 2 month later I got a beautiful Christmas present, a little bulldog male.

I contacted lot of breeders all over the world, searched for informations and very fast I knew that the healthquality of the English Bulldog today is not the best, especially in Germany. So I decided to import Bulldogs from different Kennels around the world, to bring better
quality to our country.

We were the FIRST Kennel, who did x-ray trachea (we started with this
examinations already in 2005, just to be sure to bred good breathing
With proud I can say that we have an outstanding & unique breeding stock
We show our dogs in different countries and have a lots of great wins.

I would like to thank my husband, who made this all possible and that he always accepted my decisions in new dogs. “Thank you Frank, for all your help, love and that you always stay by my side, I.L.Y.”
My husband is also the handler of our dogs and always willing to show them, doesn't matter how far away or in what country, thanks again hun.

Life is a circle, where only strong and true friendships can keep this
circle going. No matter loose or win, if you and your dog feel happy
then you are always a winner.

Our goal is to breed healthy and good quality Bulldogs, that meet the
standard and always place quality over quantity.

Kindest Regards
Birgit , Frank and all of the Braveheart´s.